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Henry the 8th's best man

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  • Opublikowany 12 maj 2022

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  • Katherine
    Katherine 19 godzin temu +15

    I love how he can go from biblical to historical content and still make us laugh!

  • Milk Dame Dame
    Milk Dame Dame 21 godzinę temu +16

    “Familiar beheads- heads- faces!”

  • mir fällt kein Name ein
    mir fällt kein Name ein 21 godzinę temu +11

    Starting a best-man speech with "hello again" is the easiest way of getting your head cut off - be it at Henry VIII wedding or literally any wedding at all

  • Henry Han
    Henry Han 21 godzinę temu +4

    “Henry the 8ths’ best man” and

  • aa ☆
    aa ☆ 21 godzinę temu +9

    The casual “cmon mate” as if this was a normal thing to do to Henry’s best mans lmao

  • Srinidhi
    Srinidhi 21 godzinę temu +8

    I love how he just accepted his fate

  • Keziah Johnson
    Keziah Johnson 21 godzinę temu +637

    The voice crack at "when" took me over the edge 😂😂

  • NaNa
    NaNa 21 godzinę temu +2

    Him: breathes

  • natchan
    natchan 21 godzinę temu +4

    We've seen awkward Adrian countless times before and felt that it fully complement the videos. Now multiply the effects with his awkward trembling voice. Bravo!! 😂😂

  • k94tran
    k94tran 21 godzinę temu +140

    When you are nervous with public speaking and lose your head... Literally

  • Roanne Bello
    Roanne Bello 21 godzinę temu +536

    "here we all are for the sixth time"

  • Kay
    Kay 21 godzinę temu +307

    That “Hello again” just took me out and each moment after had me rolling.

  • bangle's #1 fan
    bangle's #1 fan 21 godzinę temu +149

    I love the audio details like the mic feedback and the sound when you hit the mic. Just goes to show how much effort Adrian puts into his skits. 👏👏👏

  • Frog
    Frog 21 godzinę temu +332

    I died at the “come on mate” the guy had already just accepted his fate😂

  • Levi B.
    Levi B. 21 godzinę temu +728

    “Well he’s damn sure better than Henry the 7th that’s for sure”

  • PK
    PK 21 godzinę temu +269

    "When Henry first came to me..." That's where I lost it!

  • Raghu Rag
    Raghu Rag 21 godzinę temu +67

    "Hello again"

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 21 godzinę temu +77

    One of the great mysteries of life how many outfits does he actually have 😂

  • Witherkiller
    Witherkiller 21 godzinę temu +96

    He sounds so scared when he is talking

  • AmaZAIN
    AmaZAIN 21 godzinę temu +179

    the voice trembles LOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL