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Jesus turns water into wine

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  • Opublikowany 19 lip 2021

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  • Burnt Toast

    He should really show us his entire closet of infinite costumes

  • myabs06
    myabs06  +10

    His knowledge of wines is 🤌🏽 “what’s right with Merlot?” 😭

  • Gyro Zeppeli

    Other religions: Please do not drink alcohol

  • Naazim Bhyat

    🙌🏻 My absolute favourite! I sometimes find myself randomly saying, “Jesus, can you do me something else?” 😝

  • James Holt

    "I'd settle for, like, a Chateauneuf De Pape" I love that line. It's like saying "you're out of Sturgeon caviar? Well, I guess Beluga would be passable."

  • The Special Interest Show! with Jupiter August

    "can you just turn it back into water?"

  • Joshua Bailanis

    This guy could literally make a full movie with just him in it.

  • Akan_ei Flowerb_ell

    "He's done merlot again"

  • jessie petri

    “jesus can you do me something else” 😭

  • Alison
    Alison  +12


  • Please Don't Feed The

    This guy is brilliant. British humor made palatable for US audiences. I can watch these all day.

  • Monroville
    Monroville  +111

    “This was his

  • no name
    no name  +4

    I’ve watched this like 20 times and my dumbass is just now realizing he’s also playing the background characters

  • Hugh Duncan

    Fun fact: Jesus was actually the first person to be sponsored by an alcohol company

  • LoveBug
    LoveBug  +42

    When he acts like a innocent guy it’s so adorable

  • Hands Down

    “What’s wrong with merlot?”

  • Di
    Di  +40

    I could listen to this guy for days 😆 I love his voice

  • Tragesty Animation

    I showed this too my family on thanksgiving, and then they made me show it on Christmas, and now it’s New Year’s Eve and I’m here yet again. Thank you for making my dinners less awkward

  • Author Reinvented

    It's funny, because cannonically, Jesus's wine was Better than the wine they were serving, which tells me (someone who doesn't know wine) one of two things:

  • ShineStar 19

    Am i the only one that thinking i would actually want to see him in adventure fantasy movie for real. Something like merlin cuz he seem really gonna fit any character