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Neurons do taxes

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  • Zachariah Johnson
    Zachariah Johnson 14 dni temu +17038

    We gonna talk about how there’s a fire in Adrian’s mind? That must be where he gets his lit ideas

  • Jelly Popeye
    Jelly Popeye 14 dni temu +10796

    Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

    • CommitmentNA
      CommitmentNA Godzinę temu

      the worst part is that it's actually not 😭

    • Лук'янова Уляна
      Лук'янова Уляна 3 godzin temu

      Mitochondria is indeed the powerhouse of the cell

    • Mamatha hr
      Mamatha hr 3 godzin temu

      That one thing I remember

    • Nrd
      Nrd 5 godzin temu

      I don’t wanna be that guy but.. its the energy house of the cell

    • Shticky
      Shticky 15 godzin temu


  • LeahK☆
    LeahK☆ 14 dni temu +4415

    The awkwardness is so funny, sometimes idk how this man keeps a straight face when filming but he's a legend 👏

    • Sonia Wilgus
      Sonia Wilgus 5 godzin temu

      Love his voice soooo soothing🥰

    • CUTES
      CUTES 10 dni temu

      That outfit drives me Upskirt.Host nuts on you and you have that curvy body, you did a good job modelingi it too.
      Also like the last outfit 20:22 Love how the garter belts connect to the stockings and shear top.

    • doctorbutterfly
      doctorbutterfly 10 dni temu +2

      What if he does try to do his lines, but ends up just using his awkward behind the scenes footage instead

    • JustGotALife
      JustGotALife 13 dni temu +1

      Well in a way he's speaking alone , as much as it's hard belive there not 4 but 1,it's the truth lol.

    • Marc Lanman
      Marc Lanman 13 dni temu +7

      Well, see, the parts are all filmed separately, and the actors only see their own lines...

  • 🧋Babybobabea🧸
    🧋Babybobabea🧸 13 dni temu +7005

    The fact that my friend was doing her taxes and she was reciting “plant cells, all I know are plant cells”

    • A WeebTaku
      A WeebTaku 55 minut temu +1

      @Gabriel Pezzangora nooooo
      you stole my one purpose

    • Hope Rock
      Hope Rock 7 dni temu +3

      @TheAleatoriorandom i chose buisness, expecting some taxes but mostly economics, instead it was the other way around, taxes are easy, if you know how to do basic arithmetic you can do taxes, the only hard part is one little error breaks everything which is why you double check everything, but that is not a hard skill to learn, it's very frustrating and pointless because here the government does taxes for me, and evenif they didn'tit'snot hard to learnon your own.

    • TheAleatoriorandom
      TheAleatoriorandom 7 dni temu +4

      @Hope Rock As boring as that sounds, it also seems like something with practical utility (can't be sure without the specifics of course). For a lot of people biology wouldn't have that and I can totally see people choosing useful over interesting. And also some people don't like biology either anyway.

    • Hope Rock
      Hope Rock 7 dni temu +2

      @Ryuk where I'm from I had a choice called Buisness studies and most of it is for Busines and Household Budget, it is very boring and not something you want to learn. At least Biology is interesting.

    • Gabriel Pezzangora
      Gabriel Pezzangora 9 dni temu

      @Maze Runner Queen i didn't put the * next to it xdd
      I saw *he then *she, so i had to say *it

  • Minnie
    Minnie 14 dni temu +5130

    I love that they just sit around a fire as though they haven't been asked to do anything for weeks

    • HeyNotIzzy
      HeyNotIzzy 7 dni temu

      Years actually

    • Muthuraj B K
      Muthuraj B K 7 dni temu

      @CUTES are you high?

    • DD
      DD 10 dni temu

      the setting was actually inspired by my brain

    • jsjdbsjsjnfnskksnene
      jsjdbsjsjnfnskksnene 12 dni temu +2

      I mean its true, last time we saw them they were sitting by the fire with marshmallows singing take a chance on me

    • Julia Poffenberger
      Julia Poffenberger 12 dni temu +13

      it’s because the neurons are firing 😁

  • Cosmic Angel
    Cosmic Angel 13 dni temu +318

    He never misses a detail. Even the sound like he's in an empty room, when he speaks.
    Genius. ❤

    • gudrella
      gudrella 13 dni temu +12

      ...and the campfire crackles...🙏

  • Mimi Jade
    Mimi Jade 14 dni temu +1194

    ‘I knew it would come in handy’
    Me when I finally revised for my test

    • A Clark
      A Clark 13 dni temu +3

      Pointing out the utter uselessness of O level biology for 90% of students.

    • Khalilah D.
      Khalilah D. 13 dni temu

      lol same

    • Doggus
      Doggus 14 dni temu


  • GK
    GK 14 dni temu +1550

    Perfectly depicts all the useless information i carry in my brain
    (Edit - ahh well I've never got these many likes!! I'm famous 😭 thanks to this useless comment 😂)

    • Aakarsh Gambhir
      Aakarsh Gambhir 11 dni temu +4

      now this useless comment is gonna be stored in my brain

    • Anna M.
      Anna M. 11 dni temu +10

      Most of us have too many useless info in our brain. Just look at us, we're spending hours on YT shorts 🤣

    • witchy witch
      witchy witch 13 dni temu +37

      fr i could be asked some important question and have no answer but be like "well I don't know where the keys are but I _do_ know spider in Norwegian if that's useful"

  • Alexander Zaugg
    Alexander Zaugg 13 dni temu +162

    I like how we all pretend any of us would have payed attention to a highschool course on taxes if we'd have had one 😂

    • Angie
      Angie 4 dni temu

      @Kelf I'm sorry but I stopped reading half way 😅

    • Cindy Lamb
      Cindy Lamb 5 dni temu +1

      It's 50 years since highschool but I remember the girls were taught shorthand and typing so we could be Secretarys.that's all they thought we would be able to do....I was never a secretary.

    • CandyCandy
      CandyCandy 7 dni temu +2

      Yeah but if we didn't learn it that's on us. But instead they feed us useless information. 😒

    • Neetole Mitra
      Neetole Mitra 7 dni temu +3

      We do remember the plant cell right? Give us a try

  • Dylan Gerhardt
    Dylan Gerhardt 14 dni temu +513

    Missed the chance to say “don’t all fire at once”

    • Kerry Pinktastik
      Kerry Pinktastik 13 dni temu +11

      I wanted to check the comments to see if anyone else had caught that also and if not I was gonna say pretty much the same. Except I would have said “don’t all fire off at once. Lol

    • Amanda Jones
      Amanda Jones 13 dni temu +7


    • CoffeeBeforeMascara
      CoffeeBeforeMascara 13 dni temu +14


  • Elm
    Elm 14 dni temu +222

    He puts so much detail and effort to his videos like how can someone be so brilliant? Every video is equally as amazing as the next.

    • For Cesur
      For Cesur 13 dni temu +2

      Yeah, right , even one of the neurons singing quietly under his nose “ chu, chu, chu, chu” after the “boss” asks “ anyone??”

  • Storage Storage
    Storage Storage 14 dni temu +91

    Lol gotta love how adrian pictures neurons would wear yellow turtlenecks and purple pants

  • Jordan Allen
    Jordan Allen 14 dni temu +114

    The education system is well rounded and absolutely prepares you for all aspects of life.

    • Andrea Cordovez Flores
      Andrea Cordovez Flores 11 dni temu +2

      @Getti Overit omg i love that song!!!

    • BlackSpark
      BlackSpark 11 dni temu +1

      The best joke I’ve ever heard

    • Getti Overit
      Getti Overit 14 dni temu +6

      Not to show off but.....Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived.

    • Mark Njeri
      Mark Njeri 14 dni temu +9

      Why is this universal😂😂😂 math with letters check, but balancing a cheque book, naaah

  • Sana Salamzadeh
    Sana Salamzadeh 14 dni temu +68

    You’re a genius! The hat representing dendrites and the colors? Wow

    • Liuhuayue
      Liuhuayue 6 dni temu +1

      Well, he is a bunch of neurons.

  • MeekoFreya
    MeekoFreya 14 dni temu +68

    I like how everyone in his universe is so polite every when they are real mad
    Love ur vids

  • Keikilani Kai
    Keikilani Kai 13 dni temu +21

    😂😂😂😂 this is so accurate!!! We all know that our “plant cell artistry” comes in way more handy in real life than having to do taxes! Lmao!! I love how he always nails the awkward silence in his videos! His facial expressions speak volumes! 😂😂😂 he’s too funny!!!

  • Jojeff143
    Jojeff143 14 dni temu +181

    Your costume wardrobe must be stacked 😂

    • Nur Atiqah
      Nur Atiqah 10 dni temu

      @Sonakshi idk what shop will provide all those costume that he wears tho.

    • Sonakshi
      Sonakshi 13 dni temu +2

      He most likely just rents them.

    • 101
      101 13 dni temu

      THIS. Lol!

    • Khalilah D.
      Khalilah D. 13 dni temu

      No but seriously 😭

  • Red headed Sojourner
    Red headed Sojourner 14 dni temu +120

    "I know that mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell."

    • Rozen_ara
      Rozen_ara 13 dni temu +3

      @Tisya it does sometimes when you’re in a trivia quiz game, helps to get you extra points. Not practical tho

    • Tisya
      Tisya 13 dni temu +1

      "Oh! I know how that *nerdy shit which doesn't come in handy*!"

  • Siddhant Kamat
    Siddhant Kamat Dzień temu

    I love how he gives minor glances to the camera while delivering his dialogues. That increases the intensity of the sarcasm a thousand fold....

  • Saleen Z
    Saleen Z 14 dni temu +3

    Love all of this! The costumes, those hats

  • winuphe
    winuphe 14 dni temu +58

    Can we talk about the random costumes he has?? Like who else has a neoron costume?
    No hate, I love this man

    • Caroline S
      Caroline S 13 dni temu

      I just Googled an image of a Neuron to see why he was wearing what he’s wearing. 😂

  • Anne Ominous
    Anne Ominous 13 godzin temu

    How does this guy so flawlessly poke at real life buttons, bring awareness to certain issues and simultaneously fully entertain this audience? Yeah... I love you dude ❤🤣

  • dxjxc91
    dxjxc91 14 dni temu +9

    American education system at its finest.
    The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. A²+B²=C². And the tax forms I need to send are... Umm... Hmm...

    • Coraline B. Marie
      Coraline B. Marie 12 dni temu

      That’s literally all I know the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  • Bagel The Rake
    Bagel The Rake 14 dni temu +28

    This guy's videos make my day

  • Nosebleed de Groselha
    Nosebleed de Groselha Dzień temu

    This characterization for neurons is so creative, I never thought of it this way. I hope my neurons have all that swag too

  • Jesus Is Lord
    Jesus Is Lord 13 dni temu +3

    As a teacher, this is actually one thing that grinds my soul about education😆

  • Sass
    Sass 14 dni temu +4

    This must be universal, I just died simply by looking at my tax report online. Love from europe

    • Geo Sustento
      Geo Sustento 14 dni temu

      Our companies do our taxes for us. We only have to do it if we're self employed.

  • seccuel
    seccuel 12 dni temu

    im absolutely in love with this channel
    the ideas, the costumes, the amazing accent
    i'd love to watch videos from this guy for a whole day

  • Double Helix
    Double Helix 11 dni temu

    I love this guy!
    He’s so clever and makes me laugh as he plays all the parts.

  • Antarcticite
    Antarcticite 13 dni temu +3

    I love how there's an echo inside the brain as if there's no neurons other than those 4 and the rest of the brain is empty 😂😭

  • Jack Robinson
    Jack Robinson 12 dni temu

    Honestly you are a brilliant creator. Been watching you since you started, and every video you’ve made has been 10/10 for me.

  • WolfSkee
    WolfSkee 11 dni temu

    I love all your shorts. It always put a smile on my face. Absolutely love your jokes! Keep up the good work my man!

  • Maja Komorek
    Maja Komorek 6 dni temu

    Please never stop making these wholesome and hilarious skits; they make my day☀️

  • Night Cat
    Night Cat 13 dni temu +3

    This is just brilliant T_T that's exactly how i feel each time i face a documentation dilemma and then my brain goes "yeah.... Our modern education definitely prepared us for this"

  • Cathy Clifton
    Cathy Clifton 13 dni temu

    I just can’t!!! He makes me laugh uncontrollably!! Perfect timing! 🤣

  • Chelle DeGrasse
    Chelle DeGrasse 12 dni temu

    Adrian is the absolute MASTER of timing. I love this man.

  • Ruby Wine
    Ruby Wine 9 dni temu

    Words cannot describe how much i love this man 😂

  • Ren
    Ren 3 dni temu

    This neuron was so happy that I feel proud of them. You go little neuron. 😊

  • Mitsuツ
    Mitsuツ 13 dni temu +1

    I love how the neurons are chillin and roasting marshmallows 😂

  • Y0urLocalTheatreKid
    Y0urLocalTheatreKid 2 dni temu

    This is exactly what I'm like during tests....I forget what I've learned and have no clue how to do it sometimes

  • Samy Girl
    Samy Girl 14 dni temu

    Your shorts always make me happy on no good very bad days. Thanks man!

  • julia astarina
    julia astarina 13 dni temu

    Now I know why I tend to do my tax returns like 3 days prior to deadline, thanks Adrian 😎

  • NM G
    NM G 10 dni temu +1

    The neurons are “firing” 😂 The costumes and just amazing on this one, well all of them of course, but this one 🙌🏾🔥🤣

  • tjhatjha
    tjhatjha 12 dni temu

    I love how polite the characters in Adrian's shorts universe are

  • Sandra Williamson
    Sandra Williamson 14 dni temu

    I just can't believe how his mind works....really good stuff I enjoy his humor...thank you

  • VintageWonderland
    VintageWonderland 13 dni temu

    I'm so glad I learned how to draw a plant cell in school. I don't think I could feel safe to take on the responsibilities of being an adult if I hadn't been taught this mint skill.

  • Hilary Pearl
    Hilary Pearl 9 dni temu

    Ah…the educational commentary here’s. As a teacher I love it (and I may not be able to balance my check book-but by God, I can balance a quadratic equation!)

  • Dante Cole
    Dante Cole 13 dni temu +23

    There’s just something about his voice that makes me feel things lolz

  • Shyne Ray
    Shyne Ray 13 dni temu

    I love your brain's neurons who come up with these ideas!! 💟

  • Nancy S.
    Nancy S. 10 dni temu

    It doesn’t matter how short or long it takes for another one of his videos to come out! I’m on board to watch it! Always entertaining. 🧠

  • Lily Pandora
    Lily Pandora 13 dni temu

    That's what goes on in your brain when you have to deal with taxes. 😂😂

  • Sherie Rodrigues
    Sherie Rodrigues 10 dni temu

    Adrian, I just love your face and its expressions. Still smiling.

  • ogunsina oluwatofunmiloba

    Thank you Adrian!!! Never knew Plant cells and Taxes were close substitutes🤣😂.

  • Rhenna Tinney
    Rhenna Tinney 12 dni temu

    I just have to tell you that I love these videos and every time I see a new one up I’m giddy! 😻

  • Jasmine Murray
    Jasmine Murray 14 dni temu +74

    I’ll get kidnapped in France
    Kidnapper: (in french) give us your money
    Me: une gomme ?

    • witchy witch
      witchy witch 13 dni temu +4

      lol if i was kidnapped in france i'd think "oh I actually know some french" but then in the moment be like "oh no I forgot everything." or if I was kidnapped in norway i'd know how to say some super random nouns and very simple sentences and count to ten. so I wouldn't be entirely hopeless

  • Kyle England Racing
    Kyle England Racing 9 dni temu

    I could imagine this guy walking into a spirit Halloween and being like “I’ll take every costume you’ve got” and driving away with a mountain of costumes

  • Inezs Maheswari
    Inezs Maheswari 13 dni temu

    I love his intepretation of neurons in style

  • something64
    something64 12 dni temu

    I love this. Things kids should learn; plant cell anatomy and how to do taxes. One will be here longer than another

  • Ayse S
    Ayse S 13 dni temu

    Adrian always comes with the most creative scenarios. He doesn't disappoint

  • Alex
    Alex 13 dni temu

    These videos for real give me the serotonin boost I need to get through the day

  • Em 123
    Em 123 13 dni temu +4

    Me after leaving school. I can draw a plant cell and say “Je vais au pêche” -I go fishing

  • ZLV
    ZLV 13 dni temu

    Adrian is a comedic genius

  • kay timothy
    kay timothy 9 dni temu

    the way he just said everything about the school system without saying anything about the school system is incredible

  • Parvika Singh
    Parvika Singh 9 dni temu

    In a parallel universe:
    “What do you mean you don’t know the structure of a plant cell? You’re studying Botany!”
    “Well I know how to do taxes! :D”

  • Robert Kamminga
    Robert Kamminga 2 dni temu +1

    Yeah it was actually really easy. When I was on the site it just had 2 options:
    1: do taxes
    2: do taxes (with explaining for noobs)

  • nothing here
    nothing here 14 dni temu +3

    These are my four braincells trying to do anything

  • Kyla Fuller
    Kyla Fuller 11 dni temu

    I love his sense of humor.

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack 13 dni temu

    Love how there is an echo when the main neuron talks as if his brain is completely empty with only three other neurons and a campfire

  • Anitta Boban 🤍
    Anitta Boban 🤍 11 dni temu

    Love how he bashed the education system with elite comedy and sarcasm wrapped up in awkwardness

  • Tiffany Thomas
    Tiffany Thomas 5 dni temu +1

    Why’s it always chilly inside Adrian’s body? ♥️😂♥️😂♥️ I love him so much!

  • Marie
    Marie 12 dni temu

    Perfectly describes the education system. The longer you go to school, the less you learn about the stuff you actually need in your life👌💀

  • glory and gore
    glory and gore 4 dni temu

    The fact that I’m watching this right after re-reading about how to do taxes lmao

  • Jay Lego Ninjago
    Jay Lego Ninjago 11 dni temu +1

    I love how he says " Well don't chime in all at once", cause if all the neurons do that. That's called a stroke

    • Tabitha Deeks
      Tabitha Deeks 6 dni temu

      A seizure, actually. A stroke is when there's a lack of blood flow to the brain that causes cells to die off (e.g. vessels blocked by a blood clot).

  • Giacomo Cei
    Giacomo Cei 13 dni temu

    The echo like the mind is a really big empty space, the awkward silences with the sound of the fire popping... It's so perfect.

  • I'm very hungry
    I'm very hungry Dzień temu +1

    Bro these neuron costumes are scarily accurate

  • evergreentree
    evergreentree 13 dni temu +1

    Students: How do we do taxes?
    School: Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
    Adrian: I’m gonna draw a plant cell

  • Dara Meng Long
    Dara Meng Long 8 godzin temu

    I swear my boss neuron would be going ‘someone has to! We do it every year!’

  • Dez the Dangerous
    Dez the Dangerous 9 dni temu

    Feel like he’s looking straight at the camera when he’s asking “does anyone know how to taxes?” As if he might be actually asking us for advice too. Lol
    Because he does it again at “don’t all chime in at once”😉

  • Billie ez
    Billie ez 11 dni temu

    I just found a while ago and I can't stop watching your videos coming in my shorts.your cute accent is like a kid and the look you give in camera and acting everything is amajin 💜
    I would like to know from which planet you got the costumes

  • takeagalbythehand
    takeagalbythehand 3 dni temu

    How I feel whenever it's time to do my taxes

  • Trash
    Trash 13 dni temu

    Taxes are just the final boss of tests that teachers never prepared you for

  • the future is female.

    This man looks at his wardrobe and chooses an outfit first, then he starts planning a sketch. I Stan.

  • Leviathan
    Leviathan 10 dni temu +1

    The fact that I still don’t even know how to draw a plant cell and I’m a year away from having to do my exams

  • Solar Soph
    Solar Soph 13 dni temu

    Accurate. That's why my school finally implemented a Financial Algebra class that teaches taxes and the actual important stuff.

  • megha sharma
    megha sharma 14 dni temu +2

    That's my brain, and I actually learned taxation in college

  • agatha cranapplebottoms

    Lmao does anyone know how to do taxes this explains why I can’t do taxes😂😂😂😂

  • DeathShiniGama
    DeathShiniGama 8 dni temu

    I'm glad someone is excited to do taxes. 😂

  • Asy Darlyn
    Asy Darlyn 13 dni temu +8

    😅😂😂 we weren’t taught taxes in school, instead we were drawing plant cells🤣🤣 sure that comes in handy now

  • AlexSandra Vaughn
    AlexSandra Vaughn 13 dni temu

    The innocent gentle demeanor is genius. I watch Adrian Bliss daily to remind me of the good in the world.

  • For Cesur
    For Cesur 13 dni temu

    Just love it. Thanks to the looks in the camera I feel as tho I’m one of the neurons 😝

  • Est Robart
    Est Robart 12 dni temu +2

    "How many costumes do you h-"
    Adrian: *yes*

  • Toxiphilia
    Toxiphilia 13 dni temu

    Meanwhile I'm over here getting a text message when the Swedish Tax Agency has compiled all my tax info so I can log in on their site and check it - click send - taxes done 😂 I really feel for everyone that has to figure all that stuff out themselves, it seems like a nightmare!

  • Marcy Marcy
    Marcy Marcy 13 dni temu

    The echo inside this brain is so dang relatable

  • Atom
    Atom 13 dni temu

    "I know how to draw plant cells"😂😂👏👏good one

  • Frog
    Frog 12 dni temu +1

    Why is this every persons brain when theyre doing maths😂

  • Kathy Lingerfield
    Kathy Lingerfield 7 dni temu

    I love how you rent out 4 identical costumes for each role

  • Mimi Mei29
    Mimi Mei29 14 dni temu +6

    How many costumes does this guy have?? 😰😭🙏

  • Rowan Maxwell
    Rowan Maxwell 14 dni temu +1

    I get it! The neurons are firing!😂

  • Louise
    Louise 11 dni temu

    I love how he's in socks 😂😂

  • BlowHeadz
    BlowHeadz 13 dni temu

    Having only three of them is already relatable