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Chiming in at Aristotle's Dinner Party

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  • Opublikowany 11 mar 2022

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  • farhanfmx
    farhanfmx  +26

    I felt embarrassed for him. Even though he was in a room filled with himself

  • Radhika Mune

    "If you can't convince them, confuse them"

  • Celeste
    Celeste  +879

    I seriously thought he was gonna say

  • Benny Wyer

    I think he confused them all by putting “like” into the middle of a sentence and ‘erm’

  • Fely P.
    Fely P.  +3

    Aristotle: "who invited this guy again?"

  • caffeinated🌸perfectionist

    This perfectly illustrates how awkward I feel trying to make conversation at any event outside a family gathering, with anyone who is not my family. This was

  • Kyoroko
    Kyoroko  +13

    An accurate representation of me in every group project.

  • Lea Vill
    Lea Vill  +90

    When he stares into the camera it feels like he’s looking at you to help him out, I love these clips they feel so realistic!

  • hg82met
    hg82met  +92


  • spencerpls #saveukraine

    love the way Adrian is the embodiment of

  • Lxdy Kxt
    Lxdy Kxt  +25

    “How why are we?” I ask myself that every day.

  • Brittny Garza

    😂😂 when I “chime” in on a conversation.

  • Minchi the Aoi Girl

    When everyone is talking seriously, but Adrian is so cute shyly in front of the cam 😅

  • Ackie and Orangie

    Really appreciate this short, ironically the last part can be a conversation starter. Pure Genius!

  • Ella Rayne
    Ella Rayne Dzień temu +6

    “Just…. something to think about.”

  • Art Of War

    "Just Something To Think About."

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I  +6

    Adrian is so funny I love how he stares into the camera while talking

  • Bilius Steed

    When he said, “Life is…” I was expecting an ending of, “like a box of chocolates.”

  • Miguel Sanchez

    "The wise keeps his mouth shut, the fool confirms their suspicion" ^^

  • Yazzyopssesed

    I love how he's sitting there pretending to know what's going on lool