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Fly break up

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  • Opublikowany 25 kwi 2022

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  • •DaRk BuDdIeS aRmY•
    •DaRk BuDdIeS aRmY• 21 dzień temu +38

    "No hard feelings"

  • The_shiny_skorupi
    The_shiny_skorupi 21 dzień temu +13

    I thought the joke would be “let’s call it a day” and then they both drop dead because they only live for a day lol

  • Matty
    Matty 21 dzień temu +1

    "Till death tells us apart."

  • jg_Shadow
    jg_Shadow 21 dzień temu +18

    "If I can't have you, no one can"

  • Kookie_krissy
    Kookie_krissy 14 dni temu +2


  • スカイˢᵏʸᵘ
    スカイˢᵏʸᵘ 14 dni temu +433

    I was like "Why is the background green?"

  • Katherine
    Katherine 21 dzień temu +15

    When he breaks the 4th wall it always kills me.

  • Michelle Beaulieu
    Michelle Beaulieu 21 dzień temu +947

    LMAO the way I was just watching this like "Awww?" then bam that ending had me cackling.

  • Cami Fera
    Cami Fera 21 dzień temu +344

    Well, ignoring the ending, this is actually a weirdly wholesome break up.

  • °•Munchkin • Noodles•°

    Can we appreciate how the plant actually waited for them to say their goodbyes AND EVEN LET THEM HAVE DINNER IN IT?? 😭😂

  • MsCheriecoco
    MsCheriecoco 14 dni temu +12

    Hahahaha…. That’s that toxic, “I can’t live without you in my life“ type shit. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • IzzWhiz1 the jelly dessert

    "aww, this is cute and wholesome"

  • Reyhan Faviantoni
    Reyhan Faviantoni 21 dzień temu +9

    Venus flytrap : "nothing personal, just doing my job"

  • your name
    your name 14 dni temu +41

    "Hello? Yeah we need a fly costume today."

  • ♡Shortsqueen♡
    ♡Shortsqueen♡ 14 dni temu +8

    Me literally seeing the end:”OH SH!T”

  • thefoxlock
    thefoxlock 21 dzień temu +4

    "no hard feelings?"

  • Rishi V1
    Rishi V1 14 dni temu +44

    Me watching it:”This is kind kind of wholesome.” The ending comes,”OH SHI*!”.

  • :D
    :D 14 dni temu +13

    " Him thank you for making this place for our last dinner no hard feelings no hard feelings"

  • Kihai
    Kihai 21 dzień temu +6

    LMAO. When the fly looked at the camera made me burst xD

  • Happy pill
    Happy pill 14 dni temu +17

    Hilariously depicting how toxic relationship actually looks like 😅. ...."we go down together"