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The 1 out of 10 dentists

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  • Opublikowany 13 sty 2022
  • The 1 out of 10 dentists

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  • W3althierPig Gaming, The commenter

    The fact that he has a toothpaste costume is what makes it even better

  • Shreya Kamble

    Imagine being a dentist and having an adorable looking toothpaste comes to you complaining that you were the only one who didn't recommend it

  • Katie Dickson

    I like how he answers the door with a lantern in his hand 😂

  • g14nns
    g14nns  +7

    “Hey the Adrian dude is back”

  • Tvrdduck

    I swear his voice fits every character he plays

  • Fut United

    I’m still curious how many costumes he owns.

  • Roja Nehru

    Ad : 9 out of 10 dentist recommended

  • Clark Harris

    That was the calmest "what's your problem" I've ever heard

  • Insert_No
    Insert_No  +287

    Love how the dentist sleeps in a lab coat. It's just his whole identity.

  • Multistan
    Multistan  +12

    If this wasn’t about toothpaste it would’ve been such an obvious outcome but you really made this unexpected, I’m impressed.

  • comment box

    The way he nods his head while saying "I'm good for gums, I'm sensitive" 🤣

  • Rajjat VEVO

    Tooth paste- " Why didn't you recommend me? "

  • ItsMeh_ Kayy

    I think the reason he takes a while in between posts is because he needs to aquire the proper costumes because who just has a toothpaste costume lying around 😂

  • Olivia • Idle Hour •

    Idk what it is about this video. But its art. The way he talks. The understanding of whats going on almost immediately. The deadpan. Idk why i love this.

  • Jetstream Sam

    Truly a heartbreaking love story 9 out of 10 authors recommend to watch this

  • JiminieChubbyCheeks j

    He's the only one who's always able to come up with weird ass concepts that we didn't know we needed until he makes a video about it lol

  • Love Raze
    Love Raze  +12

    "I'm good for gums, I'm sensitive.."

  • Schokofussel

    I am calling it now:

  • Prince Paliwal

    His voice, his gaze at the camera while talking, his selection of topics, everything gets us

  • minij hooi

    I am in love with this man's mind. How does he come up with these? Just simple and chuckle-worthy comedy shorts but the ideas are out of the box.