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Getting off Noah’s Ark

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  • Opublikowany 5 mar 2022

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  • Katherine
    Katherine  +56

    Everyone is complimenting him for his costumes collection but no one cares about the fact he can find several identical clones of himself every time

  • secret sk8a

    "It's like 100 degrees, I'll be dead in 20 minutes." This cracked me up.

  • Becky Evans

    “It’s negligent” 😂

  • Adrian Bliss

    The season finale of Noah’s Ark

  • neaples4sbackup Gaming

    I love how the green thingy says "are we in Paris?"

  • JustANugget

    I love how the monkey on the left is playing with his tail, the detail this guys puts into the background characters is✨impeccable✨

  • Edit K
    Edit K  +20

    Just when I thought there were no more Noah's ark jokes possibly left.

  • Travis zamarrah Viclar

    "I'll be dead in twenty minutes"

  • DynamicGamesYT3

    “Oh get off”

  • Ella🤍

    “It’s like 100 degrees I’ll be dead in 20 minutes!” 😂

  • Hotep Anthony

    Mom: "We have church at home"

  • Zainab Mejja

    "It's negligence, it's what it is"

  • Katarina

    Love the monkey in the background doing questionable things with its tail xD

  • White
    White  +31

    “And son that is how grizzly bears existed 🐻”

  • olivia gutheil


  • Emily Amber

    “It’s fine”

  • singsing
    singsing  +17

    "oh get off" was so funny,he's so done with all the animals 🤣

  • cameron hawks

    We going to talk about he monkey “eating” (if you know you know) it’s tail

  • Lowkey Lokii

    "I'm a polar bear.. were in the middle east!"

  • •HI•
    •HI• 9 godzin temu

    "excuse me sir, are we in Paris?"