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Fish gets caught

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  • Opublikowany 12 kwi 2022

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  • millions of marks

    I love how in adrian's world, every character is polite and proper even when they are angry.

  • O
    O  +525

    I just adore Adrian's innocent face at the end, especially when he plays with his fingertips. He looks like a sweet innocent child.

  • Distressed Damsel

    I always imagined fish being caught was their equivalent to human alien abductions. It happens to some but then the others don’t believe them.

  • ⊹Cherri⊹

    Love how the fish held its breath before being thrown back into the water

  • Inessa Irdayanty Khairil Anwar

    The fact that she actually smiled during the photo 😅

  • Angsty Doodles

    The "I can't believe I fell for this again" makes this one of the best and funniest loops I've ever seen.

  • BadCreations

    Was expecting them to be like

  • TDDT
    TDDT  +62

    "thank you!"

  • Cheese
    Cheese  +21

    The joker

  • Prince Paliwal

    "Let's weigh him"

  • Midnightstar2675

    these clips are so good my brain was actually convinced there was two different people standing next to each other even though it's just him, love these so much thank you for making them!

  • lilo621
    lilo621  +9

    "Thank you for the hook in my palate, I was craving for a new piercing..."

  • Claire Dietz

    “Can’t believe I fell for this again” killed me

  • Your Royal Majesty

    You're literally my favorite on PLclip Shorts.

  • miss miss
    miss miss  +16

    "My lip is killing me, get this thing out!"

  • Addison Baker

    crosses arms and shakes head

  • Onur ji
    Onur ji  +14

    Literally love everything about this guy.! And he is so freaking creative!

  • gardener 67

    Love everything about your shorts. Your accent, your calmness, your sweetness.

  • ✨Dakota Cervantes✨

    “And ✨I’m a Lady✨ actually”

  • Bob the dripper

    "Thank you!"