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Abraham Lincoln doesn’t want to go to the play

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  • Opublikowany 11 sie 2021
  • Abraham Lincoln doesn’t want to go to the play

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  • Sable Green

    I can’t believe Abraham Lincoln’s outfit is more revealing than the maid costume

  • Angellen Doll

    The best thing about his videos are his awkward eye stare into the camera every few seconds 🤣 I love it

  • Sarah Lewis

    Abe-"I've got it on video."

  • Gocolas
    Gocolas  +26

    fun fact: the play was a mind-blowing experience

  • Chloe America

    "The last one went straight over my head"

  • Dee Cee
    Dee Cee  +215

    I like how he's just entertaining himself with his fingers

  • Nayu Kim
    Nayu Kim  +23

    “I’ve got it on… video”

  • Asadullah Bhatti

    His shorts are like he’s being forced to record that’s why he keeps staring at the camera hahaha

  • Sprite drink

    "The last one went straight over my head"

  • lshz
    lshz  +26

    Why does Abraham not have trousers on 😂

  • Izzy
    Izzy  +179

    Seriously where does he gets all these customs? He has like one for every occasion.

  • Hinade Sakura

    I've got to say, he look so good in Lincoln's outfit.

  • Ren
    Ren  +13

    "The last one went straight over my head"


    The hidden fact: he plays every character so politely 💞😭

  • crunchygranola

    "I've got it on video."

  • Dave Lo
    Dave Lo  +11

    Its actually a fun fact that abe truly hated seeing plays and only went because his wife wanted to

  • Danz McNabb

    Seeing Adrian in a maid outfit has awakened something in me

  • taetae
    taetae  +14

    He's has such an awkward cuteness about him, we love wholesome

  • ms. patatas

    "The last one just went straight over my head."

  • Pete Thelman

    Can we just appreciate how cute Adrian looks in a maid outfit.<3