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Feeding the 5000

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  • Opublikowany 27 lis 2021
  • Feeding the 5000

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  • MJ
    MJ  +25

    "I do eat eggs"

  • It's WRAP Monster not DANCE monster

    "I do eat eggs , but only from chickens that didn't mind"

  • sri vignesh

    The way he momentarily looks at camera In literally every single shot makes all the difference

  • Baked Beans Baby

    His raw awkwardness brings such a great sense of logic to everyone of his characters / stories

  • Julie Ann Myers

    This guy is like a one-man Monty Python.

  • Kirby Carabeo

    I like how he's looking at the camera in the middle of his lines, it gives off an almost funny akwardness for me

  • Indianish

    "I do eat eggs, but only from chickens that don't mind" had me wheezing 😆

  • Katsuki Bakugo

    Actually, they fed 5,000 men, their wives and their children so technically it was more than 5,000 people altogether. They also have enough leftovers for about 12 baskets to take home i believe.

  • jjperezz6
    jjperezz6  +243

    Now, he has food for 5001 people, that extra 1 fish can do a lot

  • Zyxxa
    Zyxxa  +3

    "Never ask a woman her age"

  • jrcervin cervin

    "I do eat eggs, but only from chickens that didn't mind" LOL

  • Jazlin Shai

    He’s so hilarious 😭 he needs his own tv show

  • TeaOnWednesday

    Somehow he’s managed to make every character look not like himself

  • Rea Ramos

    “ughh sourdough” is what got me 😂😅

  • Keisha May

    I love how he looks at the camera it makes me laugh 😆

  • Monroville

    Brian: “There’s no pleasing some people”

  • Pineapple

    Thank you for this I was stuck during my ethics exam and only remembered what happened because of this video 🙏🏼😭

  • Kaelyn
    Kaelyn  +3

    Something about how he looks at the camera like he’s looking between the two of us works so well to engage me into the skit LOL

  • Blanca P

    The way he awkwardly looks at the camera every once in a while just adds to the comedy 😂

  • Koru Wolf

    “I do eat eggs, but only from chickens who don’t mind”