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Queuing for Noah’s Ark

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  • Opublikowany 7 lis 2021
  • Queuing for Noah’s Ark

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  • hooburt
    hooburt  +37

    i just imagine his closet is 5% of his normal clothes but then the rest 95% is just animal costumes

  • LizardKing174

    If only you knew what I said to get so many likes...

  • puappo
    puappo  +13


  • RVgeeks
    RVgeeks  +21


  • aekjysten

    “I won’t forget this” 😂

  • RoboCop, stealer of fridges. 🇺🇦

    "No- Just get to high ground."

  • 3DKing200
    3DKing200  +11

    That instant “no” to the bald mammoth. I laughed so hard.

  • 18matts
    18matts  +269

    "One bald mammoth please?" "No!" Lol Noah wasn't having it

  • Natalie
    Natalie  +541

    I just watched this for the umpteenth time and realized he said 'I won't forget this', and elephants characteristically don't forget lol this guy just won't quit. I love it!! 😆

  • Bambi
    Bambi  +5

    "I'm gonna need to speak to a manager actually."

  • mrutherford1106

    "I'm literally Noah" was unexpected and pretty funny

  • idk what is going on☺️

    "I'm gonna need to speak to the manager..."

  • Dead End

    “You’ll have to make alternative… plans.”

  • Aaron D.
    Aaron D.  +20

    “I won’t forget this.” Most underrated line.

  • Vindaling Sources - CR

    "One bald mammoth please" makes me laugh every time lol

  • Granite Town Film Project

    This is beyond just being funny, this is ingenious. “I mean, I’m literally Noah…”

  • BoulderBro999 why?

    Originally it was 7 of each animal actually. When you think about that it’s actually a really really funny predicament. You see, there’s then 3 pairs of each animal, and one outlier that doesn’t get a mate. Either the animals are cheating on eachother, or that one is gonna die a virgin.


    As a Christian, I actually find this really funny. 😂😭

  • ria
    ria  +3

    "Im going to need to speak to the manager actually"

  • Johnny Booi

    Why is no one talking about the elephants never forget joke though?