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Rooster doesn’t do the wake up call

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  • Opublikowany 30 sty 2022
  • Rooster doesn’t do the wake up call

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  • Anay Badavne

    "Meetings" "Meetings" "Meetings"! That's a really busy farm!

  • Shiba Ino With Red Eyes Productions

    I like how there a zebra on that so called “busy farm”

  • Julian Nicol

    Having lived with chickens: Those fuckers do not wake you up when the sun rises. They start at like 3AM. Sometimes they get confused and just go for it in the middle of the night. Chickens are not smart. Literally the worst alarm clock.

  • Jexo Games

    “I was experimenting” 😂😂🤣 these skits are too good I swear

  • Witnessing Daily

    Everyone told him he was weird that something was wrong with him, that he would never amount to anything.... well I guess he had a plan for all those grown up onesies.

  • Aleta Shibu

    Me: did I just see a zebra ?

  • Babyface

    I can't, the costumes, the casual sincere attitude, the facial expressions, seriously it's perfection!

  • FPZP
    FPZP  +69

    The farm animals:

  • Naisha's World

    I love the way the animals just woke up and said “MEETINGS! MEETINGS!”

  • Vikinger
    Vikinger  +12

    Adrian, you're amazing 😂

  • Lisa White-Pagano

    I love his brain. And his adorable everything.

  • Ashxrr 🍬

    He looks so cute with his costumes on I’m not going to lie lmao-


    "I was only experimenting."

  • BP2905
    BP2905  +13

    Everyone: "focus on video"

  • WitherWalker

    This gives the “incredible mr fox” film vibes. Especially because of the plot and calm voice. Speech and overall idea.

  • Adopt-a-Pet

    There’s a ZEBRA... 😳 Adrian, you’re a blessing in costumes 💓

  • Light Yagami

    “An appointment”

  • Dr. NotNormal

    “Meetings” had me 😂

  • Changmann Diary

    If only everyone talks to each other the way Adrian does , peace is rest assured 😇

  • 🍄WAKA Waka 🍄

    I've watched this guy for so long and I still love the way he looks at the camera. 🎶💖🎵