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Inside the Trojan Horse

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  • Opublikowany 6 paź 2021
  • Inside the Trojan Horse

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  • Mukarram Raza

    The way he just looks at the camera so nerveously is just-

  • Trash_Gremlin

    The look of guilt on his face as the guy goes on and on about his good innocent and tragic life while knowing he was about to destroy it all and crush his hopes

  • Silver Story 11

    Wait the small leaning movement caused by inertia when the horse starts moving is acted out? It's such a natural action! Whoa this dude can act out the tiniest details, I'm mega impressed.

  • Daniel de Bruin

    these are getting better and better!

  • In Case of Emergency Only

    Another fun fact: in the actual Aeneid, there’s a hilarious 2 lines that describe all the kids in Troy being super excited by the horse going up and petting it and shit.

  • The
    The  +444

    "God i've been so sad"

  • iiMintea
    iiMintea  +14

    Y'all talking about how he looks at the camera I'm wondering how he has a costume for every single thing in this universe-

  • apenas_tarso2008

    i love he did the movement that the horse started moving, and the camera shaking with it moving...MWAH, PERFECTO 👌

  • Elijah Leilua

    The moment he said “can’t wait to tell all the children at the childrens hospital…” made me want to cry

  • Andiedrinkstea

    The way he delivers the line "God, I've been so sad..." is the cutest thing I've ever heard

  • Jay's Videos

    "Ok... Guys we ain't killing that one ok?"

  • Takume Uzumaki

    "I can't wait to show all the sick and injured Children this Giant Wooden Horse, it would be a real shame if something came up that I couldn't show it to them, my entire life has been a real disaster but this singular Wooden Horse would bring Happiness to me and the Children, after my entire Family dying I never would have thought that something like this Giant Wooden Horse of such a miracle would bring Happiness from what I have been through, I am so lucky to have seen and going to bring this to share with others that are sick, injured, and diseased, it will bring all hope and Joy in this sad of a time, I'm so grateful for this Wooden Horse"

  • paperbaggy

    i love how awkward and naive these characters are it’s adorable

  • Lakru Mallawa

    The inertia when the horse started moving was depicted darn well. Attention to detail... gg

  • Infyalex

    "You can feel your sins crawling on your back."

  • Charlie Clark

    When he started feeling morally conflicted about the situation and the tone of his gaze changed. That shit got me haha

  • Gamefan 101

    Fun fact: there is a story of a Trojan priest who didn’t believe that the Greeks would just give up and stabbed the horse to prove it was hollow on the inside. That night, the gods sent down two serpents to kill both of his children. When he came to protect them, the serpents killed him as well.

  • Itz Enigma

    Plot twist: the guy outside was trying to make them feel guilty so he could then attack

  • RVgeeks
    RVgeeks  +15

    Brilliant! Had to watch it twice!

  • White Reaper
    White Reaper 16 godzin temu +2

    "This is without a doubt the best day of my life."