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Neil Armstrong rehearses his lines for the moon landing

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  • Opublikowany 1 sie 2021

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  • TNerdy
    TNerdy  +38

    “One small kneel for Neil” got me 😂

  • Charlemagne

    The funny thing is that while his crewmate was floating, he's just sitting there enjoying his own gravity premium pass.

  • Trix Foulger

    Buzz: "No, you have to say like more profound than that."

  • tisoffensive

    Imagine kids reading:

  • InGameLevi

    "I'm Buzz Aldrin, second person to land on the moon. Neil before me."

  • Jay Lin
    Jay Lin  +1

    I like how Buzz floats progressively faster as he becomes more frustrated with Neil

  • grung
    grung  +14

    Fun fact: Neil actually said “one small step for A man”, but the microphone didn’t pick up the “A”

  • Chronee
    Chronee  +513

    I love the detail of Buzz wearing a helmet so he doesn't hit his head while sleeping and floating around

  • I I
    I I  +727

    Fun fact: Neil said to actually have been misquoted. He claims that he said “That’s one small step for A man, one giant leap for mankind”. Since man and mankind mean the same thing.

  • Eden Reynolds

    Buzz is floating around but Neil is using a table easily 😂

  • Frisher
    Frisher  +206

    The only reason he didn't say "One small kneel for neil" during the actual moon visit, is because the Space suits made him unable to, thus he lost the opportunity

  • Samuel Seabird

    Neil actually always wanted to go to the moon, and came up with the famous quote “one small step for man…” when he was 13, and he made his brother proofread it.

  • first letter of the alphabet

    He forgot about Michael Collins. Everyone forgets about Michael Collins. He died at the end of april this year. Rest in peace Michael Collins, the forgotten astronaut on Apollo 11.

    GOODIES  +41

    Neil: Just go back to sleep

  • Duncan McGowan

    “One small kneel for Neil” that shit killed me 😆 😂

  • Elena
    Elena  +20

    I’m still bursting with happiness that you are back on YT

  • Gunar Gundarson

    I like Neil's euthusiam when he believed he would be the first of many Neils to visit the moon... sadly.

  • Giselle Enid

    The acting skills are perfect, the script is awesome, costumes, special effects, editing are outstanding, but the timing is everything.

  • potato chip

    "One small kneel for Neil, one giant kneel for Neil-kind"

  • nana_ie
    nana_ie  +6

    I love how Buzz is just randomly floating in the background while arguing with him.