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Medieval King gets a baby girl

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  • Opublikowany 17 kwi 2022

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  • antoś
    antoś  +78

    Plot twist: the guy with an axe is there to cut the umbilical chord

  • dot dot dot

    "She's completely empty now."

  • FoxProductionStudios

    me getting massive king henry the 8th vibes

  • one day at a time

    “what uh… what is it?”

  • Stratocheese
    Stratocheese 28 dni temu +1

    Love the little small "ow" because that's totally what it sounds like when we give birth

  • Chaos Builder
    Chaos Builder 14 dni temu +216

    "Shes completely empty now"

  • Ellie Blanton

    “Theres not anymore coming..?”

  • Cassandra Nicole Miguel

    "Its a girl!"

  • Malavika Menon
    Malavika Menon 28 dni temu +116

    I love how he embraces his awkwardness and makes such great skits like these

  • Theodore Mdaka


  • Livy with an E (and CC)

    I honestly thought he was going to go into another "delivery room" to see if he has a son there.😅

  • Annabelle Opia

    "She is completely empty now"

  • marshmallow fairy

    and the irony that the gender is completely dependant on the father-

  • Mide Kuts
    Mide Kuts  +208

    "She's completely empty now"

  • Luna Lovengood

    “Ahh, ooh, eee, ow.” so soft and calm and the baby just shows up. Yup! That’s exactly how birth is! Lol

  • Chris Wings It 🇺🇦

    “She’s completely empty now” 😆😆😆

  • millie garratt
    millie garratt 28 dni temu +35

    “Ah😅” like he just finished squeezing out a particularly large poo

  • Pegasus
    Pegasus 21 dzień temu +6

    "She's completely empty now"

  • Elaina
    Elaina  +9

    "what do you think, sire?"

  • Sabrina Gardner
    Sabrina Gardner 28 dni temu +27

    "She's completely empty now"