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When our ancestors left the water

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  • Opublikowany 26 lut 2022

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  • Erin Hollow

    Adrian before buying all his costumes: I'm getting a very strong urge to buy stuff

  • qwerty link

    "buy stuff" means he's going to need a lot of costumes... (He is supposed to evolve into many species, more species = more characters = more costumes)

  • Kate Joo
    Kate Joo  +785

    “I can’t look” proceeds to cover two out of his four eyes

  • Sydney Bergeson

    Taking a deep breath while already being out of the water absolutely killed me

  • Azizah Eddy

    Karens: "I'm getting a strong urge... To talk to the manager!"

  • Elijahtheghostrider

    "I'm getting a very strong urge yeah? ... to buy stuff" had me laughing

  • DirectedTJ

    "To buy stuff" cracked me up so hard lmao

  • Cookie Montae

    The line that explains me the best is

  • Pitchu'
    Pitchu'  +37

    "The sun is a deadly laser"

  • RetroUndiscovered


  • Diamond Seraph

    "I'm getting a very strong urge....to buy stuff"

  • Happy Grammy

    I love you Adrian!!! You get me through some pretty rough times. I need to laugh to keep my wits about me. Mission accomplished! ❤️😆

  • Buraku Sama

    "I'm getting a very strong urge to BUY STUFF" Me when I'm depressed

  • Hashibira Inosuke

    PoV: The trailer for Luca

  • Cassandra Miguel
    Cassandra Miguel 14 dni temu +4


  • Katherine

    Me every time I spend too much time on social medias: I'm getting a very strong urge to buy stuff

  • Tenfo Daddy

    so damn funny- love the humor and his timing!!

  • Ivonne Hernandez
    Ivonne Hernandez 21 dzień temu +4

    I love that he's so disappointed in himself for his urges

  • Grace
    Grace  +1

    Alternate title: the origin of capitalism

  • Banana Cupcakes

    I like the awkward steps he took when he got out🤣