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Why mammoths went extinct

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  • Opublikowany 14 lis 2021
  • Why mammoths went extinct

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  • Karuzo 87
    Karuzo 87  +63

    His costumes, his acting, the random span of topics that he picks.

  • Vibess-N-Marss

    “Ask about the towels” he’s clearly not thinking about the bigger picture 😭

  • Maicey T.

    The crab peeking around in the back is hysterical to me.

  • Madison Jackson

    I love how your comedy isn’t self deprecating or mean spirited just good humor and cute costumes

  • Youtube commenter gal

    Noah being so casual about it and when the wooly mammoth is like, “I brought my dad.” and Noah is like “Welp, okay then. Have to cross them out.”

  • M
    M  +663

    The random “extras” he plays in the background make these masterpieces 😂😭

  • Kat Fangtastic

    Aww poor dad, he just wanted to know about the towels!! What's a leisurely cruise without deck chairs and fresh towels?! 😂

  • Clinton Allen

    I love how Noah scratches out their name like welp we won't be having anymore of you when we start over

  • PePaPu
    PePaPu  +117

    All the little details makes this funnier, like the lobster popping its head in and trying to overhear the convo.

  • Dove-O-War

    “Ask him about the towels” absolutely sold everything even more

  • And Me
    And Me  +184

    The way he looked at the camera occasionally makes it so much funnier

  • Manav Thevar

    His innocence in his voice , in his expression is just so gooooood

  • Marie
    Marie  +12

    Theres literally always as much going on in the background of his videos as is going on in the foreground, THAT FUCKING CRAB GENIUS

  • finnzehuman125 roblox

    The dad don’t care about the fact Noah’s gonna kill them. He just wants to know about the towels

  • Lily Hummel-Young

    “Ask him about the towels”

  • amina
    amina  +701

    ask about the towels really got me there😭😭😭

  • Subhi Singh

    The mammoth at the back is soo adorable and cute wow, hats of to his editing Nd acting level. 😍😍😍🤩🤩

  • Manoj B
    Manoj B  +27

    Director: The golden rule while acting is to not look at the camera.

  • Vikinger
    Vikinger  +21

    This cracked me up 😂 Put together so well hahaha

  • Mohammed Rasras

    His guy is intelligent and funny, one thing I wish he would have done us to show the facial expression of the crab when mammoth said he brought his dad.