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Eve has had enough

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  • Opublikowany 27 paź 2021
  • Eve has had enough

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  • mccnbinnie

    The man deserve his own series with unlimited seasons. The talent is just immaculate

  • Lucas MacDonald

    "You think we'd be absolutely sick of each other by now, but no"


    "What?" The devastation, exhaustion, fear and betrayal all in one word 😂

  • Crunchy Potato

    It's not bad acting.

  • Unicorn Lelo

    The way Eve looked at her wrist to check the time when they didn’t even have a clock 😭

  • Netan Thongchi

    Eve: "So this is why Lilith left..."

  • Mercy Lanning

    Oh my gosh. The “what?” He sounded so confused and absolutely devastated at the same time 😂

  • Nicole Lewis

    The sweetest and saddest "what?" ever.

  • SulfuricPizza83

    When he said: "Delicious!" And with the most cutest voice. "what...?"

  • Sharon Varghese

    The "what" in the end is pure artistic marvel

  • ArtsyApple

    The “what?” At the end Sounded so sad


    when i heard “APPLE pie” i was like man Adams dead-

  • Darneldema

    The way he presents himself is so unique, it's honestly incredible.

  • Manna-San
    Manna-San  +68

    Considering Lilith also escaped I guess Adam isn’t loveable

  • Lana Alexander

    "How's your apple pie?"

  • Aakash Kolli

    I like how awkward he can make his characters act.

  • Galaxy  Cat
    Galaxy Cat  +217

    "How's your apple pie?"

  • Chandrima
    Chandrima  +29

    Eve waiting for the reaction looking at her nonexistent watch 😂

  • pikkabite
    pikkabite  +20

    “You’d think we’d be absolutely sick of each other by now, but no.”

  • Thomas Holt

    The way Adam can feel the effects of the fruit without knowing he’s eating it. Makes him ask big questions.