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President pardons the Thanksgiving turkey

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  • Opublikowany 23 lis 2021
  • President pardons the Thanksgiving turkey

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  • Katherine
    Katherine  +31

    His accent is just beautiful, makes it even funnier

  • Miriion
    Miriion  +15

    I love how all of his characters are just slightly inconvenienced by death.

  • VintageWonderland

    "I pardon you so you don't get eaten."

  • Brom Ulrich

    Adrian acts like an awkward toddler giving a class presentation and it’s SO FUNNY 😂

    NIGGACHU  +652

    "This country, just a farce"

  • N S
    N S  +841

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this guy has perfectly captured the energy of horrible histories

  • Magic Cloud

    “Honestly, this country is an absolute farce.”

  • Kala The Woyst

    The fact he is acutely aware of the turkey neck when crossing his arms and flawlessly avoids it.

  • Hareecio Nelson

    "i reject the premise" is a great phrase, I've used it in many a philosophical debate

  • ara
    ara  +7

    the amount of costumes he has is immeasurable 😭

  • LeakCentral

    The fact that I’m pretty sure he’s intentionally trying to be awkward is so funny to me, it honestly makes this way more hilarious

  • Baron
    Baron  +124

    "This country's a farce"

  • Jinu Chacko

    Adrian looking at the camera in between dialogues is absoutely hilarious and the highlight always!

  • Booktok 📚

    “Have I committed some kind of crime I’m not aware of or..”

  • OliveRainbow

    "Frank,he's back"

  • Edman
    Edman  +1

    Acting advice: Never look into the camera.

  • Junocider
    Junocider  +118


  • ?Ace¿
    ?Ace¿  +33

    How is it even possible to be this adorable. His voice, accent, face and “acting” lowkey qt

  • Audrey D.

    I like the fact that turkey costumes are a thing. It makes the world a better place.

  • vi •~•∆

    I love how people make these videos they're just talking to themselves in front of the camera but he actually takes his time to edit and changes clothes