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Bee fires beekeeper

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  • Opublikowany 2 wrz 2021

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  • uncappedberry13

    “but you can’t make marmalade, you need oranges and-”

  • Charlize Buie

    LMAO not tiny versions of himself flying around like bees in the background- literally perfect in every way 😂

  • Mani the Maniqwin

    Fun fact: Bees actually CAN fire their Keepers. When the Hive is unhappy with the condition of living they would leave the previous hive and make a new one in a different place.

  • heavenlyhashbrown

    I lost it at "watch your backs" lollll

  • Mason Stroud

    “Best marmalade in the country” and the

  • N!ghtw!ng 15

    Every second was top tier but the 3 bees at the end carrying the oranges was the last straw and legit made me ugly laugh!! 🤣🤣🤣 Oh my days that was funny!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • l
    l  +23


  • CaptainCharlie

    The 3 silently carrying oranges in the back at the end of the video, and the first bee with an orange saying "watch your backs" are

  • K Jamison
    K Jamison  +51

    Sometimes, the best comedy is just a simple premise. This guy nails every video.

  • •Sachuka-Blob• {❀}

    Is no one gonna talk about how he edited all those bees flying around realistically

  • Ramshah Khan

    Adrian is going places and i stan him before he blows up. 🙌🏻💖

  • Arya Singh

    "Cuz everyone's doing it" -major 'doing something unique'/'think out of the box' vibes😂

  • George Byles

    "I'm being fired by a bee" even though he made up the scenario, it still feels completely natural

  • Jolene Maggiore

    I could watch these videos all day long. TheY are so creative and funny and his delivery is absolutely perfect!

  • Evelyn Gilbert

    The “Watch your backs!” Really got me.

  • BlueHoodie_Gamer

    It's funny that this exists because it's 100% true that if bees are dissatisfied with their keepers, and they think they'll have better chances to prosper the colony elsewhere then they will just up and fuck off from their apiaries.

  • Katsuki Bakugo

    The bees when he said “that’s absolutely ridiculous”. I can’t-😭😭

  • Giselle Enid

    The way he looks at the camera, subtly makes you part of the sketch. This guy is a genius!

  • you’re.my_505

    “You can’t make marmalade, you need oranges and…”

  • Alcyone *
    Alcyone *  +34

    This guy is more than qualified to do his own theater show all by himself