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Columbus discovers the New World

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  • Opublikowany 15 sty 2022
  • Columbus discovers the New World

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  • Hubbi NM
    Hubbi NM  +61

    "What lovely people"

  • TheOnly_Freakx🇺🇦

    "Take care now!"

  • ємι
    ємι  +4

    “What a lovely people”

  • HashiraMallows

    Why is literally everyone in Adrian’s imaginary world so polite? Like someone get me a costume I wanna live there 💀

  • Tridex_19 reviews

    Fun fact: Columbus crew

  • Don Elion
    Don Elion  +164

    The level of foreshadowing in this one, brings a new meaning to dark humor and the look at the end

  • Keiran Ferrier

    "sorry we've been here for ages"

  • poshpearls23

    The broken 4th wall at the end said so much so brilliantly. This guy never disappoints.

  • Sabita Lodh

    Adrian goes against the laws of acting and looks at the camera and still gets views and subs:

  • The Devil

    That was exactly how it happened, but then Columbus came back with guns, swords and cannons 37 minutes later.

  • Salamander

    That “what lovely people” line cheered me up so much I love the content keep it up

  • Adhya Kejriwal

    You can almost see his confidence slowly growing

  • Arolema Prarath

    Native: Glad they left, we can still own our gold.

  • Faceless
    Faceless  +43

    "Everything changed, when the europeans attacked"

  • Angelina Jamir

    I will pay big bucks to watch his movies. He's gotta make one.

  • All of SKZ are bias wreckers

    "Sorry to bother you"

  • Kody Wilson

    You are one of those naturally gifted, hilarious people, but you’ve also got a very poignant humour 😂

  • MaxBlight

    Also the premise of pokemon, when the professor tells you they've just discovered a new land with pokemon centers, culture, etc.

  • Kidsto
    Kidsto  +11

    I love how awkward but polite he is when acting.

  • Royal Williams

    He actually thought he found a new route to India and even when he died he still believed it was India