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Jesus heals the sick

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  • Opublikowany 15 sie 2021

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  • Ootum
    Ootum  +31

    I love how Jesus looks at the camera like “do you see this guy?”

  • mundamudiki

    “My doctor said to just come to you” “He shouldn’t have said that” sounds like a conversation between a patient and a pharmacist

  • Unknown
    Unknown  +1

    I just noticed for the first one that it's implied that the guy couldn't see because he just had his eyes closed the whole time😭

    RED HULK  +13

    The awkward dryness of the humor makes this hilarious

  • jrcervin cervin

    "My friend had the same thing, and now he is dead"

  • melan12027
    melan12027  +501

    This is a typical ER consultant.

  • Jisoo's Bottles Official🍿🥞

    Why is nobody talking about the last one lol 😆 Lactose intolerant

  • Simone Says

    The monotone is so on point. “It’s a she actually”

  • Em 123
    Em 123  +670

    “Wow I can see again” dumbledore said flamboyantly

  • Mimi Sharif

    The way he says ‘wow I can see again’ so un-enthusiastically just makes me laugh 😂😂😂

  • Alex Ace
    Alex Ace  +131

    Me: "Ive got 30lbs of overweight"

  • Lara
    Lara  +51

    "it's a she, actually" is so good

  • ToppHatt

    I love how there’s a line and everyone is just completely ignoring it

  • Black Forest Ma'am

    "it's a she, actually"

  • Chris Barrett

    Its like this magical mix of awkwardness and irreverence with impeccable comedic timing. I love it!!

  • marleynotfound

    I love how he corrected Jesus when Jesus said “he” for the doctor he’s like “ she actually” the face of disbelief

  • Connor
    Connor  +20

    "wow I can see thank you very much" that was such a deadpan reaction for getting to see stuff for the first time

  • Bella
    Bella  +4

    I like how the first guy is just like “Wow, I can see again, thank you very much 😐”

  • Shelby shoff

    The fact that he plays all these different parts even behind him is just astonishing

  • TNtraveler

    “Wow (unimpressed) I can see again thank you very much” lol