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Caveman hunts a mammoth

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  • Opublikowany 9 sie 2021
  • Caveman hunts a mammoth

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  • kimmy G
    kimmy G  +32

    I swear this guy legit popped out of nowhere and now I can’t get enough of him he is so funny

  • Jay Nicholson

    “You not having any mammoth”

  • That1Guy

    Mammoth: 'You guys dont think do you?

  • Upward-Bread

    Why does this guy have literally every costume ever to exist of anything in his place? And I would love to see it

  • Megdalane Ajitha

    Mammoth: you don't think, do you? None of you humans do

  • PandaRagons

    Why does this guy's skits feel so much more wholesome than other people's, even his voice sounds wholesome

  • Magnus Kramnik

    Important rule of acting : never look into the camera

  • mat corona
    mat corona  +105

    “You know what just kill me” is such a mood

  • Average Player3

    "you're not having any mammoth?"

  • Lord Voldemort’s nose

    adrian: “none of you humans do”

  • B23
    B23  +60

    "No actually, you know what? Just kill me" had me dying (ba-dum-tss). I love how he was just so done with the situation he didn't care anymore, it's actually worryingly relatable.

  • Carleene John

    Why did I feel so ashamed when he looked straight into the camera and said, 'none of you humans do.😨🤣🤣🤣

  • Xosæ
    Xosæ  +13

    “You don’t think, do you? None of you humans do”

  • Natalia_WolfieYT

    "You're not having any mammoth?"

  • nO eYeS!
    nO eYeS!   +25

    I don’t know why but the way he looks at the camera is always so funny- 💀

  • Fawnwish

    "You not having any mammoth?"

  • Sayko Caty

    The : “you know what just kill me” sounded so sad ;-;

  • Sky flame
    Sky flame  +11

    I love how he says “none of you humans do” and looks at the camera

  • Nickless

    Teacher: And this is how the worlds first vegan was created

  • Simp❤️

    his voice is so calming and that occasional glance at the camera thooo