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Nursery rhyme doctor

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  • Opublikowany 19 lut 2022

Komentarze • 4 064

  • Katherine
    Katherine  +38

    His stare, his stare is what makes it so funny 😂🤣

  • Zxne ZX
    Zxne ZX  +5

    “This is… terminal”

  • DarkHun Gaming

    Her: "Shuld i swallow shomething bigger?" Me: Thats What she said

  • Il Dottore , The Pharmacist clapper

    "should i swallow a cowboy to catch the horse?"

  • Sasha .t
    Sasha .t  +874

    Next day news report: "local cowboy kidnapped by terminal old lady" 😂😂

  • Tristan_YT
    Tristan_YT 21 dzień temu +103

    “You’ll never guess what happened to me”

  • •Exra•

    I love how all of his characters are always polite no matter what

  • TheOnlyJoe_

    “So I swallowed a fly”

  • B l u 2 2
    B l u 2 2 14 dni temu +30

    "So, I was sitting on a wall."

  • Mr Reset

    It’s when he looks at the camera and slows his sentence 😂😂😂

  • Channel Nobody Watches

    "Hello, how can I help?"

  • Beethechamp

    "Its terminal"

  • Jasmine Leonor

    Humpty Dumpty came in like he was already a regular in the doctor's office HAHAHAHA

  • Bro Annoying

    Him sarcastically breaking the 4th wall every now and then is the best part

  • Dawson Warren

    Doctor: "What was the last thing you swallowed?"

  • Kimberly Alger

    “Should I swallow a cowboy to catch the horse”

  • Kezia Tambunan
    Kezia Tambunan 14 dni temu +10

    "You will never believe what happend to me...

  • Arianna Even

    OMFG! Thank you so much for doing this, it brought back memories and made me internally scream so hard.

  • Sentient C O R N

    “Should I swallow a tank to get rid of the cowboy?”

  • CertifiedMental

    "So I swallowed a fly..."