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Alexander Graham Bell sells the telephone

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  • Opublikowany 22 kwi 2022

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  • Mo Nete
    Mo Nete 28 dni temu +31

    I want to live in Adrian's universe, everyone's so incredibly polite there.

  • Sussy Bacon
    Sussy Bacon 28 dni temu +583

    "We're really nice"

  • Artsie Piggie
    Artsie Piggie 14 dni temu +152

    “Hey, how many costumes do you have?”

  • Ajay Singh Rathore
    Ajay Singh Rathore 28 dni temu +16

    "We're really nice" Oh yes Adrian each and every character in your Universe is really nice especially that mildly annoyed but cooperative fish

  • Sonia S
    Sonia S 21 dzień temu +89

    "it makes it so you can talk to anyone in the world"

  • TeaLover Miles♠️
    TeaLover Miles♠️ 14 dni temu +71

    "What do you guys talk about."

  • Leila Manchino
    Leila Manchino 28 dni temu +11

    I wonder what the first people who used a telephone thought about it.

  • YellaSpiceFamily
    YellaSpiceFamily 28 dni temu +46

    " ... and be constantly available to everyone at all times forever!" 😂😂😂 I had an elderly and very quirky female professor who objected to cell phones for this reason: "You can't even leave the house to get peace - you have this thing in your pocket and at any time someone can reach out of the abyss and

  • NolenVlogs
    NolenVlogs 14 dni temu +9

    Before he said his final “I’ll take it” I almost started to tear up. If you know what I mean

  • I Like CatsMan18
    I Like CatsMan18 28 dni temu +6

    "What do you talk about?"

  • Unknown
    Unknown 21 dzień temu +45

    "Sometimes we say: "oh, it's raining..."

  • ThatSingingTheatreKid
    ThatSingingTheatreKid 21 dzień temu +3

    “Well sometimes we say, owh it’s raining” lmaoo I was cracking up 😂

  • YTjndallas
    YTjndallas 28 dni temu +6

    His timing, expression, acting, mannerisms, etc… is incredible!!!!

  • Gamerdude2806
    Gamerdude2806 14 dni temu +3

    “We sometimes say oh it’s raining” has me cracking up

  • unknown  person
    unknown person 21 dzień temu +2

    the “we’re really nice!” got me!!🤣

  • Swayamsiddha Mishra
    Swayamsiddha Mishra 28 dni temu +1

    "we're really nice"

  • Countrycowboy08
    Countrycowboy08 21 dzień temu +2

    The head tilt after he says “me…. And my friend….” Took me out hahahaha

  • Diogo Silva
    Diogo Silva 28 dni temu +2

    "The way he said." yessss

  • Covenant Media Network
    Covenant Media Network 28 dni temu +1

    “Oh it’s raining” 😂😂😂 94% of conversations have a weather moment 😂😂

  • Charlotte T
    Charlotte T 14 dni temu +6

    “We’re really nice” 😂 the ADORABLENESS in that sentence and his face is just 😄👌