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Dinosaur on Noah’s Ark

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  • Opublikowany 17 lip 2021

Komentarze • 6 922

  • Alrex Romer

    I feel most betrayed by the elephant...he was literally just chilling with him and now he's chanting walk the plank...Sigh

  • Sunny Quinn

    "Hang on, what are YOU?"

  • Shade
    Shade  +1

    I love how Noah’s ark is portrayed as a cruise ship 😂😂😂

  • Marty
    Marty  +14

    “I’m just a horse.”

  • Lucy Szabo.

    Can we just appreciate that this man has costumes for literally EVERY occasion???

  • Mya Gegen
    Mya Gegen  +125

    "Hang on, what are you"

  • Stormnus Generation 2

    "I'm a horse."

  • Gwenny?- #ROADTO100.

    "That's why a dinosaurs extinct everyone!"

  • GStudios
    GStudios  +199

    I can't even imagine the amount of money, time, and effort he spent to find and buy ALL of those costumes

  • Sade-ist
    Sade-ist  +11

    The number of full body costumes in this guy's closet must be outrageous

  • Josh
    Josh  +57

    I think he makes these videos to justify buying so many costumes.


    He might own a costume store he literally has every single costume I can imagine 😂

  • Zedd Zypher

    Noah; "What kind of lizard are you?"

  • Mekemo 2.0

    I was about to say “wtf is the unicorn there” 😭😭

  • Syeda Samreen

    He is so cute when he react like a innocent 😂❤️

  • Garrett Watts

    You are such a blessing.

  • ToniHunterOne

    "Hang on! What are you?"

  • Edited Rectangle

    "WALK THE PLA- wait a second what are YOU?"

  • Bunga Suci

    "What kind? "

  • Elian Mustafa
    Elian Mustafa 21 dzień temu +5

    "Hold on, what are you"