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Mona Lisa’s famous eyes

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  • Opublikowany 10 lis 2021
  • Mona Lisa’s famous eyes

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  • Szlendak
    Szlendak  +48

    the fact that he didn’t make eye contact with the camera is comedy gold

  • clouds_01♔

    His voice is so innocent and funny. Truly making everyone's day.

  • Ameelah!

    never ask

  • RF90
    RF90  +42

    This is the one time he hasn’t looked at the camera. Mona truly betrayed us

  • Tvrdduck
    Tvrdduck  +661

    I swear his voice fits every character he plays perfectly

  • Just some Guy

    "because I'm doing him you've already had your go"

  • Ayse Dogan

    Its really true, His accent follows me everywhere I go.

  • Kody Wilson

    “You’ve been!”

  • emilyheapwalford

    The fact that we can see his arms moving just makes it better

  • Jaya Sri

    "Cus im doing him u already had ur go"

  • RadioIsActive

    When he decided he wasn't gonna try anymore, he just closed his eyes out of spite. Comedy gold XD

  • Smols01
    Smols01  +36

    I love the fact they're all casual about it and not saying "THE PAINTING IS HAUNTED" 🤣

  • Anis
    Anis  +3

    It's always "how do Mona Lisa's eyes follow you across the room" and never "How Is Mona Lisa"

  • Elvira Shekeeva

    Adrian closing his eyes instead of looking into camera is the plot twist of the century

  • Anoushka Nautiyal

    I love how in the end he goes 'oh forget it' and closes his eyes.

  • Padfoot the Marauder

    This shows that Adrian doesn't

  • Smith Hamilton

    I don’t care what anyone says this is the funniest shit ever, I love these shorts so much

  • Evlyn Michy

    "I've only got one pair of eyes"

  • Rose Crystal

    Hilarious 😂.Also that point when Monalisa is so frustrated that Adrian's real hands come out from behind the painting 😂😂

  • FinleeFritz33

    “Cuz im doing him”