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Flies at a light club

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  • Opublikowany 29 lip 2021
  • Flies at a light club

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  • RVgeeks
    RVgeeks  +38


  • Funny Bunny

    I imagine every time he walks in his local costume store they all light up

  • Johnny Monday

    I used to be a fly and I can tell you this is accurate.

  • Chris
    Chris  +28

    I see you've invested in a costume franchise, yet we're reaping all the rewards

  • 쀵쀵귀염이

    "not a lick"

  • Sal Fisher

    Me: “How much light did you have?”

  • sino
    sino  +22

    the accent on the "not a LICK" just makes it even better

  • A C
    A C  +713

    This one is specially brilliant. This is low-key high-level British comedy.

  • caroline jane

    Is it just me or does his voice sound so relaxing??-

  • Gacha&Shorts

    "John hes back"

  • Ocean Ivy 𓍯

    The fact that his fly friends were just going weeeeee over by the light was funny

  • LeakCentral

    I literally cracked out loud seeing the cgi flies in the background.

  • Sreyasree Saha

    Those flies buzzing around the lamp like dead people floating is the best thing I've seen today 😂

  • Deb Pal
    Deb Pal  +189

    I always wonder if the "looking at the camera" he does purposefully or is it a thing he has . What ever that's the unique thing about Adrian . I just love it . It makes the whole thing even more funnier .

  • zenuz_
    zenuz_  +26

    j just love how freaking adorable his voice is

  • Sienzy 🇺🇦

    I love how the flies where the light is are just standing completely still yet flying

  • truefencer
    truefencer  +401

    The only short that I have seen that wasn't cringe and horrible. This is fun and original and I couldn't go by without giving some praise.

  • ZIN
    ZIN  +41

    He's a perfect example of being weird which pays at the end. Love his creativity on each video ❤

  • Beep
    Beep  +7

    It’s so funny and cute how timid the fly dude is, it gives off a really little kid who is being shy vibe

  • Sean Lipio Gaming

    "Not a lick!"