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Shrimp on Noah’s Ark

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  • Opublikowany 30 lis 2021
  • Shrimp on Noah’s Ark

Komentarze • 3 090

  • Diego
    Diego  +24

    "You can literally breathe underwater"

  • Alli's production

    "you can literally breath underwater!"

  • MoliminousTheater

    The sharks fins are tired. He just needs a break on the ship

  • klaystels
    klaystels  +10

    “Just getting a taste of Old Testament hospitality,” UNDERRATED LINE 😭

  • JA Rahman

    I’m just surprised that the ship looks so modern. Noah did a great job.

  • daniesza
    daniesza  +545

    “Old Testament hospitality” . I love this guy.

  • Vikinger
    Vikinger  +16

    I need more of these 😂 I've legit watched ALL of the shorts on this channel 😂

  • n_n
    n_n  +515

    "Well good afternoon to you too"

  • The Wild Queen

    I'm a Christian who LOST IT at "Old Testament Hospitality" that was hilarious and so true!

  • ministryofmagicedits

    His awkwardness and the way he just nervously looks at the camera is hilarious.

  • miyamura ✨

    okay but nobody's talking about his "oi" IT'S SO CUTE?

  • Nia Macfoy
    Nia Macfoy  +203

    Noah "Where's the other one?" Shrimp"she's gone for a dip"

  • Miranda Liu

    "He's got asthma" - a shrimp talking about another shrimp

  • NNNedlog
    NNNedlog  +95

    "We've spoken about this"

  • D.C. Gold
    D.C. Gold  +81

    This man is single handedly keeping Storage Centers in business by how many storage containers he must be renting out to house all those costumes.

  • Lexi
    Lexi  +8

    “He’s got asthma”

  • Keerthi a.p

    "so how many costumes do you want"

  • Shelly Yllehs

    “A taste of Old Testament hospitality” LMAO

  • Irna Ebrehlam

    I love how he can make jokes about the Bible that is still funny, without being rude or disrespectful towards religion.

  • Cakiepop
    Cakiepop  +60

    I've never heard a Brit say the word "asthma" before and can I just say, The Lord of The Flies description of "ass-mar" is truly accurate.