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Settling the bill at the Last Supper

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  • Opublikowany 4 lut 2022
  • Settling the bill at the Last Supper

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  • Darius Cooks

    Does anyone have an abacus? Brilliant.

  • Vera K
    Vera K  +26

    he missed this one:

  • Max Paul

    Everyone: the lord paid for our sins

  • I’m on a quest to find jimin’s jams

    We can’t let Jesus pay

  • Night
    Night  +1

    "Thanks dad :D"

  • Snoffey Diment

    “Thanks dad” was amazing it’s so nice to see someone do something religious and not be mean or disrespectful towards it

  • Mulad Hara

    He put the water into wine joke in there. You're absolutely brilliant!!

  • Joker Maguire

    "I only had a Sprite!"

  • Purnima Sinha

    His acting of being a confused waiter and trying everything to be normal is chef's kiss!

  • Miles Wolf

    Judas should be the one who pays. He has 30 pieces of silver in his pocket!

  • it's hili
    it's hili  +449

    "Does anyone have an abacus?"

  • yuuni
    yuuni  +108

    "i've got a voucher"

  • Cwayita Silinga

    "I didn't have any wine"

  • Irate Puffin

    “I didn’t have any wine.”

  • Cole DiBiase!

    "Why should I pay for your extra avocado!"

  • Ross Albatross

    "Why should I pay for your extra avocado?!" Was such a modern switch I legitimately laughed out loud

  • Ripl
    Ripl  +29

    Never knew Sprite and Jesus existed at the same time.

  • Artlyssa72000 G

    “Does anyone have an abacus?”😂

  • Jaden Silverman

    Jesus is just making it off of daddy’s money.

  • amber cotton

    Absolutely GENIUS like always! Finally someone that gets my sense of humor. Love every single skit you've ever made!