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The tenth telephone call

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  • Opublikowany 12 lut 2022

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  • Dill Hill
    Dill Hill  +32

    Poor Alexander just wanted friends

  • Mike Hopman

    "I'm going under a tunnel" and Alexander is just staring like "wtf does that even mean"

  • Zinaat1583

    "Your wife?" The first break up over a call

  • Nikki Rybbons

    “I told you it wouldn’t take off” from the messenger pigeon, I see what you did there

  • Kaila Y
    Kaila Y  +5

    “You’ve called every day now, and my wife is...”

  • Steven Zuniga

    “Your wife?” Alexander just had his gay fantasy shattered over the phone

  • Tom Ansell

    "your wife?" Poor Alexander :(

  • Usagi
    Usagi  +1

    You could just hear the heartbreak in Alexander’s voice when he says “Your wife?”

  • 🍞Bread🍞

    I expected him to say “we’ve been trying to reach you about your horses extended warranty “

  • Queen99
    Queen99  +4

    The Pigeon, the "tunnel", the socks make everything just so

  • DodoBirdie
    DodoBirdie  +675

    When you invent a whole new world-changing technology just for you and your crush to chat... and then find out he's married. Poor Alexander 🥺😭😋

  • Dave West
    Dave West  +190

    “Your wife?” Poor baby Alexander got his heart broken

  • Tanya
    Tanya  +1

    We knew he has a million costumes... didn’t expect him to have an old time telephone too 🥲

  • Edit K
    Edit K  +295

    I had to google to check if Bell's first name was really Alexander, and then I was like "hm, interesting, his first name was Alexander, that doesn't ring a bell". Then I realized I made an unintentional pun.

  • Aiden Tinkey

    “Yeah, I’ve got- I’ve got another call waiting.”

  • Leah Murphy

    Seriously binged all his videos twice. He’s so funny. The future episodes 😂 😂 brilliant brain 🧠

  • Nancy Azul S. Rdz.

    The disappointed look when he said "Your wife? :(?"

  • Aishee Biswas

    "But I've got the only other telephone!".😂😂😂

  • Dill Hill
    Dill Hill  +641

    The socks made everything come together 👏😩

  • Pierce Bourgeois

    "...or send a messenger pigeon or something..." casually looks at pigeon off screen. brilliant.